Monday, March 19, 2012

Rustic Pillow Stencil

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"DIY: Rustic Pillow Stencil"
by Sara of House Bella

The weekend holiday might be over, but we've got a fun blog post today for you, so don't despair!

Our guest blogger today is Sara of House Bella. Sara's blog makes me so envious of her amazing life. She lives in a beautiful mountainous area of Idaho with her husband Mike. Together they blog on House Bella about the trials and fun of sprucing up their first home. She's here with a great DIY project she did for her home that you can easily bring into your own!


Hello Frock Stock blog readers! I am so happy to be joining you today.

I'm a home design blogger who loves simple, beautiful DIY projects. I crafted this rustic glam pillow using my limited sewing skills, craft paint, and clip art. The possibilities for design are endless (if elk aren't your thing). Let's do this!

Pillow covers are an inexpensive and customizable way to transform a pillow. They require a small amount of fabric and the ability to sew in a straight-ish line (here's a straightforward tutorial from Curbly). I used a medium weight white demin.

I wanted an animal silhouette to play off my elk antlers. I searched a few free clip art sites before finding the right design. After enlarging the clip art to my computer's max capacity, I placed a piece of thick (100#) cardstock right against the screen and traced.

Using an old catalog as a cutting mat I sliced out the silhouette. I found an X-Acto knife was the best tool for the task. To protect the back of the pillow cover, I slipped the cutting mat inbetween the layers of fabric.

Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium is one of my more awesome finds. It can take any acrylic paint and turn it into washable fabric paint. Amazing, no?

The ratio is 2 parts paint to 1 part textile medium. My paint was Delta Ceramcoat Gleams in Metallic Kim Gold.

Keeping the stencil firmly against the fabric, I blotted on the paint mixture using a foam brush.

I pulled away the stencil and there it was, in all it's gilded-rustic glory. The textile medium recommends a heat set, so I ironed the pillow - paint side down on a towel - on the cotton setting with no steam.

The paint needs to set seven days before washing. Once it was fully dry (a matter of minutes), I slipped the cover back onto the pillow.

Thank you for including me Loren! Readers, let me know if you tackle one of your own, I'd love to see it! You can find me at House Bella, or on Twitter.


Not only do I love this post but I love the whole basis behind the House Bella blog. Being in my young 20s, I'm hoping to be sprucing up my own real estate one day soon, and I'm definitely going to be reading her blog for more tips!

You can read more about Sara's house projects and lifestyle on her blog. Don't forget to leave her nice comments if you loved her post! (Comments are the road to free jewelry!)

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. how fun! i have been looking to personalize some pillows for our new couch and haven't found anything i want to try yet... until now! great post sara!


  2. I love this DIY! What an easy way to brighten up a living room :)

  3. clever and creative thank you! i love your blog pamela @soapsstyle

  4. Love this color and the idea. Does the paint last very well on the pillow cover?


    1. Hi Jamie, yes, the paint is really soaked in well. No issues with flaking or fading!

  5. Sara, this pillow is too cute for words!! I can't sew very well, but you've given me inspiration to give this DIY pillow a try!

  6. What a great concept & idea!!!!! This is amazing! What a great way to be original!!

    - Tina D.