Monday, March 12, 2012

Music and Fashion

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Music and Fashion"
by Ashlyn of Triple Thread


It's Monday which means it's back to school or the office for most of us. To cheer you up on your break, we've got a unique fashion post for you today. Our guest blogger Ashlyn runs a blog highlighting her love of style and photography. Today, she's not only provided a fabulous celebrity to real life styling, but also shows us how music can be extremely inspirational when it comes to fashion.


Whether you are supporting your favorite band by wearing their name on a tee shirt or are inspired by the way your favorite musician styles herself on the stage, music can have a profound impact on fashion. Listening to a favorite song can conjure up either certain memories that are associated with outfits or feelings that you can easily turn into an outfit. Another easy way to get inspired by music when you are getting dressed is to look at outfits from some of your favorite artists. 

For instance, one of my all time favorite female singers is Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine). Not only am I constantly amazed by the power in her voice, but her personal style is spot on. What I find most interesting about artists is when their music tends to match up with how I expect them to dress. I'm sure that you guys will appreciate her style just as much as I do upon seeing the examples below!

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     From her shock of red hair to her propensity for lacy dresses, I'm constantly impressed. But when I'm not wanting to directly interpret an artist's style, I have found the best way to get inspired by music is to listen to particular songs and make outfits from how those songs make you feel! For this reason, I've compiled some songs that will definitely be on repeat for me this spring and even gathered some things that I think match the mood.

      For me, this playlist made me think of floating through sun soaked spring days, and I feel like my choices match that. But the beauty of getting inspired by music is that each person sees a different thing, making it a truly unique fashion experience.


This post is SO fascinating. I myself have a degree in singing opera which brings no surprise to me that I have a love for everything vintage - funny how musicians dress like their style. I also love the idea of playing music while getting dressed to help inspire your outfit that day!

Does anyone else find inspiration in music for their fashion? Leave Ashlyn some comments if you loved her post! Comments = free jewelry!

Don't forget to check out her beautifully creative blog as well!

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. Hey Ashlyn! Great post and so true! We gravitate toward what inspires us and it totally comes out in the clothes we wear. Thanks so much!

  2. Great post Ashlyn! I had no idea who this women was until your post, learn something new every day! =D

  3. GREAT POST!! You are so right! Fashion & music go together like pb&j! At the start of my day, I know I tend to dress according to the music playing on my iPod at that moment! I love the playlist! Something different that what I usually listen to but I love listening to this that are outside my comfort zone. You tend to hear the best music that way!!

    - Tina D.

  4. I love Florence Welch!--she has a natural charisma about her. Both her style and her music channel this insatiable zest for life. Thank you for featuring this stylish musician, Ashlyn! Also, thanks for your handpicked pieces--they are lovely and fit so perfectly with this post. That is a killer Anthropologie suit and the Ruche booties and shorts are delightful. I also appreciate the fact that you pair a playlist with your clothing picks--I do this on my blog too! I'm certainly missing SXSW right about now(I used to live in Austin), so this post gave me a little nostalgic pick me up! Best, Lauren(Grand Abandon)

  5. I definitely love Florence's style...totally in agreement! That gown she wore on the red carpet was exquisite. And I have changed my outfit based on the music I'm listening to when I get ready in the morning...does that count? :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. what a neat concept for a post ashlyn! i never really considered how much my favorite artists influence my fashion choices. and getting ready to music definitely is a staple in my routine. :) this was so fun to read! and i love florence, too. she's fantastic!


  7. I love her blog.

  8. I totally agree that fashion and music go together, I, most od the times, find myself dressing up or planning a look while listening to music which totally decides what I'll wear!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  9. Must buy that bikini! Great post. Florence has a killer voice and lovely style!

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