Sunday, March 25, 2012

Menswear-Inspired Shoes

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Menswear-Inspired Shoes"

Hello ladies! Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend so far!

Our next blogger is Tiese, who runs a tumblr blog called "The September Issue." For those of you unfamiliar with tumblr, it's a site dedicated to microblogging, with photos usually being the main focus with possibly a short blurb attached. I love looking at photos for inspiration and Tiese's blog definitely does the job.

Today she's here to show you how important of an influence menswear can be on women's fashion with... Menswear-Inspired Shoes!


‘Walk a mile in another man’s shoes ’I ’m sure we’ve all heard that famous phrase and guess what? We’re literally living it. Okay maybe we’re not walking a mile but we are wearing ‘another man’s shoes’ so to speak. Oh and by we, I mean us ladies. Ever heard of menswear inspired shoes? Yeah, that’s what I’m here to ramble about. The trend has been on the fashion scene for a while now and it’s been a huge success. Designers like Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana have featured the footwear in their runway shows this year. So what do we know about this trend? And how do we rock the men’s wear inspired footwear without looking like we share shoes with the boyfriend?

First up! The Brogue Oxford!
So the most popular of them all (and not just cause they are my favorite) are the ‘Full Brogue Oxford’, also known as the ‘Wingtip Oxford.’ I have a few of these in my closet and I cant help but pull them out all the time; they seem to go with any and everything. And did i mention how comfortable they were? So retire the 6-inch stilettos for a bit cause we can have comfort too. Keep the look androgynous or go for glam!

Stay feminine with color and prints
The Loafer
Or the slippers as we Americans often refer to it. These shoes which were created solely for comfort, originated in Norway (Yeah, Norway) in 1930 and sprang into popularity after being re-designed by an American company. And now, they’re taking over the streets (and closets) everywhere. Although the loafer s were originally made for men, women wore them better too. 
The Leopard Print is always fun
1940's Loafer Lady 

Nicole Richie Jessica Alba and Rihanna rocking the Loafer trend.

You can also try the penny loafer which is a bit different because it has a strap-like contraption across it. 

  Have an amazing week everyone


I love these shoes! The best part? You can often find great loafers or other men's shoes in the thrift store! That's where I found my adorable tan tasseled loafers (that are super comfy too).

Hope everyone loved Tiese's post. You can check out her tumblr blog here.

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  1. Just bought a pair at jcpenneys for 5 dollars! It's great to keep up with a trend at such a low price!
    Twitter name: preppylogic15

  2. Ahhh I love loafers and brogues! :)) Yet I don't own a pair! I need to find some. Lol. Love the post! :))
    xo Smitty

    1. Love them as well. You need to grab a pair, you wont regret it! Thanks.