Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Friday Favorites

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Five Friday Favorites"
by Madison of Madison Cary


TGIF, ladies! Here to celebrate the fabulousness of our favorite day of the week is guest blogger Madison!

This beautiful blogger hosts a whimsical lifestyle blog full of pretty photography and life adventures. She's here with her favorite spring picks this Friday!


i’ve been bitten by the spring fever bug, so here are your 5 friday favorites spring style!
1. neon, neon — while i do love the song written by john mayer, it’s not exactly what i mean. lately there has been a new trend involving bright neon colored clothes. and i mean highlighter neon bright. i remember walking into the gap in albuquerque feeling like i had to squint it was so bright in there! i almost feel like you’d glow in the dark. i guess it’d be great for a black light dance party! anyway, even though i’m not 100% sold on dressing my self in highlighter yellow, i do think you can dip your toe into this new fad without diving in head first. neon nail polish and accessories would be a great and less blinding way to get your feet wet, without the full commitment of the entire ensemble. what are your feelings about this new neon trend? i’d love to hear them!

2. al fresco dining — in west texas, there is a short window of time between the winter and summer months when the weather is actually pleasant. most of our springs are accompanied by blowing dirt, sporadic snowfalls and even days around 90 degrees. but when the weather has goldie locks’ approval and it’s “just right,” i love to dine outside. as summer draws near and the days grow longer & warmer, i truly believe it does our cooped up winter bodies some good when we sit out on the patio and enjoy a nice relaxed meal or beverage. call me a sap, but there’s something kinda romanticabout it, don’t ya think? unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do this in a long time without our 3 ill-mannered children climbing into our laps thinking they are teacup yorkies. hopefully that dog run will be up sooner rather than later!

3. sunflowers — i’d have to say these are my favorite flower. growing up, i remember my mother would line our back fence with soaring 14-footer sunflowers. i think they are socheerful. i look forward to one day doing the same thing in our backyard. and if we get the giant ones, i’m sure my sunflower-seed-loving hubby will be thrilled to have his own personal stash. however, i’ll probably have to concoct something that resembles his favorite spitz bbq seasoning recipe.

4. shorts — “who wears short shorts?” just kidding. i used to, and i don’t know WHAT i was thinking. why in the world would my parents let me out of the house!? eesh.bad, bad, bad, BAD decision on my part. anyway, i’m ready to bust out some more modestcuffed boyfriend shorts and give my translucent legs some sun! but i might have to start out in the privacy of my own backyard so i don’t scare anybody with my extreme paleness. i’m loving these polka dot shorts from jcrew!

5. hats — oh, how i LOVE a good fedora. my bff molly and i probably have enough hats between the two of us to open up our own hat store. just as scarves are my go to accessory for the fall & winter months–and some can be worn year round!–a cute fedora completes that spring/summer outfit hands down. and it may or may not be the perfect excuse to hide my laziness of not wanting to do my hair on a particular day.hehe. check out target or urban outfitters for fashionable & reasonably priced hats!

happy friday everyone!


I love these picks! You simply must visit Madison's blog if you love sunflowers because there are some beautiful wedding photos on there FULL of sunflowers. (What a gorgeous wedding theme!)

Leave a comment below and let us know what YOUR favorite things are this spring! It can be anything from fashion to shamrock shakes. Just let us know what's your favorite anything right now! (The jewelry giveaway is tomorrow, so up your chances with comments!)

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. Love it all! Spring has to be my very favorite fresh, pretty and lots of sunshine! Oh and agreed, shamrock shakes are a definite bonus ;)

  2. Cute post! Makes me wish I was having an al fresco lunch instead of eating inside at my desk! Yay for spring weather.

  3. Love it all! I'm all about Fresco Dining! :)

  4. Great choices. I do like the neon trend, it's fun, and you can go small or big to embrace it. For me, I am going nail color, I also bought neon yellow tank which I'll probably wear for a night out. I too share your scarf them! thanks for the great post, pamela @soapsstyle