Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dress it Up, Dress it Down

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Dress it Up, Dress it Down"


Ever spend your morning crazily trying to find an outfit that'll be appropriate for work but cool enough for happy hour? Or just don't have the budget right now to have tons of pieces in your wardrobe but don't want to be seen wearing the same thing every week? Guest blogger Lo is here with some great solutions!

Lo runs a lifestyle blog that's a definite must-read. Her whimsy displayed in her posts is something that we all need to incorporate in our lives. Here's her fabulous post about dressing items up or down!


Hey there Frock Stock!

I'm Lo from On a Whim With Lo and I'm so excited to be guest posting today! Today I'm talking about taking your very favorite pieces and dressing them up and down. One favorite item, then multiple outfits. Boom! Being in college this is perfect for me right now. It works from the day to night change and for being fashionable as a broke Grad student :) So here's what we do:

1. Choose said favorite piece:

Front of Tank.

Back of Tank.

tank via walmart.

I'm going with this lovely little tank. It's perfect for summer and a bright awesome color.

For a Daytime Look:
Tuck it into khaki's, add a skinny belt, a hat, earrings, and sandals and voilà! A perfect daytime outfit perfect for classes, strolling and enjoying the lovely Spring weather.

tank: wal-mart; khaki shorts: old navy; skinny braided belt: target; earrings: target; fedora: wal-mart; sandals: wal-mart.

Complete Look!

For a Nighttime Look:
Tuck tank into black skirt, add belt, heels, dangly earrings and there you go! The perfect outfit for a night out and about.

tank: wal-mart; black skirt and belt: borrowed from friend; earrings: target; heels: target.

Complete look! 

I love the mixing and matching of simple pieces together this way. It makes your wardrobe go so much further and it inspires a little creativity. You can't ask for anything better.

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!
xoxo, Lo


I loved this post, mainly because I feel stuck wearing the same items all the time and long for something fresh. I think it's important we always look at our closet with new eyes so we can be inspired for outfits we may not have thought of when we first bought the piece.

What items do you find the most versatile for dressing up or down?

Thanks so much Lo for this fabulous post! Don't forget to check out her blog and leave her some nice comments for a chance to win free jewelry!

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. great post lo! i love being able to re-invent my wardrobe by pairing things up differently. i tend to find myself in the same rut as loren!

    for a most versatile item in my closet... hmmmm... mine might be tanks as well. i'll wear them casually with jeans and a cardigan or a high-waisted skirt and sandals. they definitely are great pieces to use in the spring, summer & fall!


  2. Madison thank you! And I totally agree! Love those tanks and cardigans!! :)