Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Thrifting

Instead of braving the crazy malls last week, I decided to hit the half off sale at my local thrift store based off the success I had two weeks ago. Might I say that I definitely did NOT avoid any craziness! I got there when it opened and it was crazy packed. It was hard just to move in there... sheesh! I guess everyone had the same idea I did. And here I thought people were more mall-obsessed?

There were a lot of things I had already seen two weeks ago so I didn't score as much as last time, but still ended up with some gems nonetheless.

I got a really nice wool pleated skirt. Warm for winter and perfect for the prep chic look I keep obsessing over. It'll be a staple in my closet for sure.

Price: $1.45

The game of Scattegories! I currently have no board games in Chicago and this is one of my favorite. It's also in perfect condition. I had to scoop it up!

Price: $0.45

Love this little googly-eyed owl brooch with an amber-colored stone in the middle! It'll be the perfect little touch on my coats.

Price: $1.45

A black Forever 21 blazer with striped lining. So cute! A perfect staple.

Price: $2.45

And finally, this little number. I have no idea what crazy-random person came up with this black sheep sweater, but I find it absolutely hilarious. I love big ugly sweaters from thrift stores and this one is just adorable.

Price: $1.95

Total spent for Black Friday: $8.51
(My wallet feels happy.)

Wait, one more thing...

My boyfriend's work was going to THROW OUT this coat yesterday after being in the Lost and Found for weeks! It's from Forever 21 and just happened to be in my size... so glad he was kind enough to grab it for me! I love getting free stuff. :)

Have I convinced you yet that thrifting is amazing? I can't believe what nice things I've been finding lately... It's also a great place to find Christmas gifts! They don't have to know it was thrifted. ;)

<3 L

Winners and Updates

Hello Frock Stock ladies!

I want to start by saying thank you so very much for all your orders during the Thanksgiving sale. The amount of orders we got was more than I could have ever hoped for and I am just so proud of how this little business is doing. :')

We started in September with only a small amount of jewelry, handbag, and accessory items. Now we have multiple pages of jewelry, several dresses, other clothing items, and lots more orders coming in! I'm so happy for all the expansion and hope to keep building our inventory just as steadily in the months to come. You ladies helped make all this possible. Every single order helps the site expand. You can look forward to sweaters and other items in the next few days and weeks and eventually in the near future we are hoping to add shoes and plus sized items.

Tonight I will post the lovely things I got thrifting on Black Friday and next week you shall all get to view glamorous pictures from my big opera recital this coming Saturday! Once I am done with this recital and my graduation I plan on making lots of nice changes to the site. Hopefully I can clean up a lot of the look, add features like international shipping, and whatever else you ladies would like to see added (we are always taking suggestions! post below or send us an e-mail at frockstock@gmail.com).

Alright then, enough chatter. I know you lovely ladies are all waiting to hear who won the jewelry giveaway! There were soooo many entries in the tweeting contest, so I literally just put all the names in a hat and made it totally fair. Here are your winners!

Our order winner of this adorable owl necklace is @liznesh !


The cutest little bird necklace goes @blogdressmaking !

Congratulations ladies and thank you to everyone who participated!! I'm sending you both twitter messages to get your addresses so I can send you these adorable items. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

<3 L

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale! Jewelry Giveaway! New Arrivals!

That's right, ladies! In honor of Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/etc.etc.etc. we are having a gigantic sale!

We know that on Black Friday you're going to want to hit the malls, that's why we've made this sale extra long for your convenience!


You voted for the products, and now we bring you our oh-so-easy jewelry giveaway!

All you have to do is copy+paste this message in your twitter:

Love modern-vintage clothing? Get 25% off the entire @FrockStock store 11/18-11/28! Bloggers get 30% off! http://frockstock.webstorepowered.com/

And that's it! Each day you post this message from 11/17-11/28 you will gain an entry into the drawing. We will literally put your names in a hat and draw at complete random, so the more days you post this (limit one a day, though you can certainly post it as much as you like!), the more likely you are to win!


Make sure you post your twitter name here if you intend to enter, because it's possible others might retweet this without participating in the giveaway. That way we can keep track of all your posts and give you credit!


Silver Bird Necklace, $7

Participate in the twitter postings and you're eligible to win this adorable bird necklace!

Silver Owl Clock Necklace, $11

Place an order during the sale and you're eligible to win the most popular jewelry item on our site! It's no longer available to purchase, so this is your only chance at it!

For each item you purchase during the sale, you'll gain an entry to win the clock necklace. Again, make SURE you post here if you want to enter in this contest. Those who make orders are certainly eligible to win the tweeting contest as well.


Last night we added tons of new arrivals to the site, some of which only have one in stock, so make sure you get them before they're gone!

Alright, ladies! Good luck and happy shopping!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gold Collection

Coming soon to Frock Stock! All items will be $10 or less! 

As always, let us hear what you think! Which piece is your favorite? :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Thrifting Adventure

Afternoon, ladies!

Well, it's been crazy over here the last week. Chicago's weather is extremely temperamental so after a completely mild autumn (nothing lower than 50s or 40s), all of a sudden it decided to drop to 30F this week and randomly snow! Now it's 65 today... so strange.

And, on top of all our Frock Stock orders, I have crazily been trying to prepare for my upcoming senior recital. For those of you who don't know, I'm an opera singer currently studying at a music conservatory here in Chicago. Anyway, after a bunch of practicing this morning I felt really antsy and decided I had to get out of the house, especially with this crazy day of warm weather.

Little did I know until I arrived that the local thrift store was having a half off everything in the store sale. Needless to say I score an amazing haul. Just thought I'd share my finds with you before I head back to practicing. :)

I desperately needed some scarves so I found some in my favorite fall colors.

$1.95, $1.45, $0.95

I had no brown purses, now I have two! The two-toned one is especially cute for the prep look.

$1.95, $1.45

Yuck to how awful this photo is, but the skirt is quite nice in person. It's a deep raspberry color with a shiny gold buckle. I find myself heavily gravitating toward that old school prep chic look this fall for some reason and this skirt definitely fills that love.


I've been looking for an adorable tweed skirt lately. It's prep chic and timeless. I didn't realize it until today but there is SO much tweed to find in any thrift store. My advice to you, since tweed seems to be really huge this season, do NOT go to the expensive stores and buy the tweed look there! Because tweed is an older (but recurring) fashion, people send SO much of it to their local thrift store and you can find so many tweed blazers, tweed skirts, etc. there. Just make sure it hugs you really nicely or you could end up looking too thrifted or grandma-like.

Again, this item is not impressive in photos, but it's got a real shimmery elegance about it. I thought this would be perfect with Christmas coming up and because of the metallic trend.


Some ADORABLE loafers. When I saw them I prayed they were my size and the fashion gods heard me. :)


I saved the best for last! This coat is a.ma.zing. Look how adorably retro it is! I couldn't believe it when I found it and it fit. Another girl in the store even came up to me and asked if she could buy it from me, but I was too in love with it to give it up. What an incredible find!



My advice to you when thrifting is to go when you have the patience to go through the whole store, or you'll never find gems like these (which are DEFINITELY findable, as this proves). Go through every aisle. Do NOT worry about size (unless it looks ridiculously large/small). Just throw stuff that catches your eye in your basket and be prepared to do a lot of trying on. Stores vary so much in size and half the stuff is vintage-sized anyway so you cannot look at the sizes (i.e. the tweed skirt is a 2 and the coat is a 10... but both fit me). So don't be daunted by thrifting. It just takes time and patience. Your wardrobe could look marvelous for next to nothing prices with a keen eye.

Like what I got ladies? Feel free to comment or ask any other questions about thrifting. :) I'm off to practice some more... Have a great rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway!


We're going to be having a little contest at the end of next week. The requirements will be SUPER easy for anyone to enter! So the question is...

What should we give away?!

Pick from any of our jewelry items...

And the item with the most votes will be the contest's prize! You most certainly can vote for more than one. :)

Currently in the lead:

Silver Owl Clock Necklace $11

<3 Frock Stock

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Outfit with Frock Stock Jewelry

Hello ladies!

I wanted to follow up my last post by showing you some of those fall colors put together in a great fall outfit. I paired moss, rust, eggplant, and chestnut together to make a beautiful autumn ensemble along with some of our jewelry items that are perfect staples for your closet.

My absolute go to outfit in any season is a cute printed dress. I feel vintage and feminine when I've got a great frock on. The moss leaf print is what fall's all about. This one's got an elastic waistband, which I feel can make a girl look awfully frumpy, so I usually hide those with a strategically placed belt (in chestnut here). Chestnut tights, orange-rust pumps, and an eggplant purse all wrap up the ensemble nicely by copying colors found in nature this season.

Now for the jewelry!

I absolutely love shiny gold jewelry right now. As long as the gold isn't tacky shiny, there is a real beauty about it and it just seems to go well with any vintage outfit. These are two of our favorite pieces on the site, our Purple Jewel Earrings and our Gold Bird Necklace. The colors really complete the outfit and are certainly in the fall spirit!

I chose purple, but the jewel earrings also come in green and orange, which I feel would've also gone beautifully with the outfit.

View these earrings and similar items here: Frock Stock Jewel Earrings

Recently our blogger friend Candice showed off the green pair on her blog and looks absolutely gorgeous in them! Check her blog out here: Tea Time Thoughts

Alright ladies! I hope you are outfit-inspired for this beautiful fall weekend. I always love hearing what you think of our items, so please leave a comment about the outfit or the jewelry below!

<3 L

PS... have you viewed the new jewelry collection yet? Check it out if you haven't! New Frock Stock Jewelry

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspiration: Fall Colors

These are our favorite colors that have been on the fashion scene this fall. I wanted to put a collage together made of fabrics swatches, fashion, and their fall counterparts to help inspire your weekend's wardrobe choices. Fashion items come from our own Frock Stock inventory and various stores on Polyvore's listings.


Looks great on anyone with earth tone colors, whether you have brown eyes, "bronde" hair, or are brunette. Pair with chestnut, taupe, or cream.


Last year eggplant was everywhere, so try something new with it this year. Get a cute eggplant-colored bag or accessory to pair with another bright.


Get rid of your blacks this fall! Brown tones are the perfect "base" for all your outfits right now. Consider buying a brown coat or brown corduroys for your fall staple.


Mustard can be tricky so be careful with this color! The wrong shade can look sickly, so when going for mustard go bright. Mustard tights look adorable under any casual dress.


Even though Halloween is over, orange is still abounding in nature! Despite it being a bright color you can pair it with other bright fall colors such as green, purple, or mustard.


Wine looks especially beautiful with cream or ivory. This is why the color looks quite good on pale women. We can see this color definitely lasting on through spring, so don't be afraid to invest in some wine-colored clothes!

What are your favorite colors to wear right now? Let us know! Happy fall. :)