Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fever

Hello ladies!

First I'd like to start off by saying thank you to all the orders we've had so far this weekend! The sale is going splendidly and I'm glad you all are getting a good deal this weekend. For anyone else who has their eye on something, don't forget tomorrow is your last day for the 20% off everything on the site (except of course, if you're a blogger... we always have our 25% off love for you...)

Haven't looked at the Blogger's Discount yet?

This weekend was absolutely lovely. Great fall weather (though it's supposed to finally hit the 30's tomorrow in Chicago... brrrrrr), fun Halloween-related adventures, and a big jewelry buy for the site were some of the many highlights for me.

I got the joy of being a judge in a children's costume contest on Saturday. Of course, being a self-affirmed crazy cat lady, I had to dress up as my cat...

My cat, Sophie, whom I've always called a "Halloween cat..."

Any resemblance? I got the ears/tail/bowtie set from Target for $5 and supplied the rest with my wardrobe. Hurray for cheap costumes! I still think if anyone's going out tomorrow and needs a costume idea, you should put on your favorite vintage frock and be a "50's Housewife." Just sayin'...

Magnetic Nail Polish??

Was just posting about this on twitter, and wanted to see if anyone had tried it out yet. I love OPI's shatter because I'm terrible at DIY nail polish art, so I still feel like I'm getting some kind of unique look without having any personal skill. I'd love to see if this is as good as it sounds!

Oh, and let's not forget about the jewelry photo shoot I mentioned... Here's a little sneak peek at some items we'll be adding mid-week...

Like what you see? ;) Let us know what you think!

Don't forget tomorrow is Chipotle's annual free burrito day! You have to show up wearing some sort of aluminum foil. Can't wait for my Chipotle adventure! Hope you ladies all have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skirts, Gloves, and Penguins, Oh My!

Hey girlies. :) It was a beautiful fall day here in Chicago today so I just had to put on my Wanderer Skirt (featured in our last blog post) so I could show you ladies how pretty it is.

I modeled my look after the "warm and cozy" styling I showed you before. Chunky sweater, adorable booties, and a pendant all make this skirt pop.

In addition to the Wanderer Skirt, I had to show you my newest personal gem. Went on a thrifting adventure yesterday and found this ADORABLE leather purse for only $5! What an incredible find... :)

Again, you can find the Wanderer Skirt here on Frock Stock for only $29.

What else have I been tweeting about lately? Hmm.. Oh yes, penguins... in sweaters???

Aren't they soooo cute!? Apparently these little guys have been badly affected by the oil spill in New Zealand and some clever crafters are helping save them by making them sweaters. Not sure how long they'll be needing them, but I wanted to appeal to all you crafters to see if you can help these little guys. The full article can be found here.

Fingerless gloves are the most popular item on our site right now, so we made sure to stock up this weekend on our beige/pink and grey/black gloves you all love so much. Ended up finding some adorable green ones, too! Shop gloves and accessories!

And now it's time for me to wind down and get ready for the week. (Though it seems like the weekend only just started...) Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have an even better week! :)

<3 L

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wanderer Skirt

We're in love with the maxi skirt this fall, which is why we've brought you the Wanderer Skirt (only $29) to our collection!

Why we love this:

Wine is one of the most gorgeous colors this fall. Fall is about muted earth tones, so it can get quite drab at times, but wine is one of the most vibrant of all these colors.

The way this skirt flows is almost ethereal. The crumpled texture flows when you walk, making your steps look floaty and effortless.

The asymmetry is quirky and again gives the back that flowing look. The front gives you a chance to show off your fabulous fall boots!

The price, duh! Our site is about getting you a good deal which is why this skirt is under $30. The cheapest non-sale maxi skirt on Modcloth is $35 and goes all the way up to $275! $59 is the cheapest at Urban Outfitters, up to $275 again. Why pay more when the Wanderer Skirt is just as (if not more) gorgeous than those finds?

And finally... maxi skirts. Do we need a reason for why these are fabulous? You still get to wear a skirt without freezing, it's one of the greatest fall trends right now, and you can wear it almost any way. We don't need more convincing.

Now, let's style it!

Our inspirations:

(These looks come from fall 2011 lookbooks by Anthropologie, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Asos.)

This skirt is sooo versatile, so we've decided to style it two different ways instead of just one, and it's definitely not limited to these two.

Style #1: Warm and Cozy

With this chunky sweater from H&M and these fabulous pilot booties from DSW you'll be warm, comfy, and stylish this fall. A long necklace helps fill up all that chunky sweater space and the knee highs will keep you cozy as well. The length of the sweater doesn't matter - cropped, regular, and long all look good with the Wanderer Skirt. The asymmetry of the skirt will definitely help you show off your boots, unlike other maxis skirts that might hide them. Don't forget to grab a warm tumbler of tea to carry with you on your chilly fall wanderings.

Style #2: Feminine Ethereal

Anything lacy or sheer on top will dress up this feminine skirt. We like this blouse from Madewell because of the trendy Peter Pan collar on it. Add some oxford heels, pearls, and pastel colors to keep this look sweet and girly.

Love the Wanderer Skirt now? Click here to get yours for only $29!

Alright, Frock Stock ladies! What do you think of the Wanderer Skirt? Let us know in the comment box if you love it or hate it and have a wonderful Monday!

<3 L

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Spot of Tea

Hello Frock Stock dearies!

Last night a friend of mine gave me the cutest thing... a miniature teapot! Teapots I collect (and I really should post pictures of my others in the future), but I've never had one this small. Why is it that the smaller something is the more adorable it becomes?

Yes, it's a union jack teapot!

Complete with bobbies to guard my tea while it cools...

I love my new teapot. :)

Anybody else have a special teapot they love?

<3 L

P.S. Where on earth does one get a proportionate teacup!?

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Frock Stock Blog is Born!

Hello Frock Stock shoppers! We're going to be using this blog for all things fabulous!

So get ready to see showcases of our items, other cute blogs, style advice, DIY projects, etc.!

<3 FS