Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Image Controversy

Good morning ladies! Although I didn't want to post any blog posts during the March event, this breaking news is just too important not to talk about. I apologize to Megan if I'm stealing any of her thunder. (Go read her post before you read this!)

Late yesterday Israel became the first country to pass legislation against the fashion industry banning the use of underweight models and requiring publications to disclose if images have been altered in an effort to fight the number of eating disorders among women.

More about the legislation can be read in this article:

The moment I heard this I had extremely mixed feelings and knew I just had to discuss this with my bright and beautiful Frock Stalker girls.

Part of me just ABHORS some of the tactics used by the fashion industry to sell products and focus so heavily on the "value" of appearances. As you know, at Frock Stock we try to create beautiful fashion picks for all body types and believe that fashion and beauty are meant to be fun, not a status necessity or value of a person.

Yet the fashion creative/musician in me does NOT like that the Israeli government is stepping in and controlling the fashion industry's creative freedom.

I'm also wary about this legislation because to me there are SO many different body types in this world that "underweight" might not necessarily mean "unhealthy."

However, I DO completely agree with the need to disclose whether or not an image has been altered. This reminds me of a Glamour article a few months ago about how much photo manipulation is too much. While I understand that photography needs some semblance of "cleaning up," the nature of some fashion ads can be extremely deceptive and inhuman at times.

This legislation could have a huge impact on the fashion world and definitely needs some thought before it goes blindly in place around the world. Please feel free to disagree with me or post your own thoughts on the matter. I think discussion is really needed on an issue like this that is so grey in areas, not just "skinny vs. fat" or "greedy vs. ethical."

Do you think the United States or other countries should pass legislation like this?

Do you think this is even the government's place or is it up to the consumer to not support companies who practice this behavior?

Do you agree with the law? Disagree?

How much photo manipulation is too much?

Or whatever else is on your mind!

Please remember to respect your peers' opinions and keep a civil discussion on this matter. While I don't care who is "politically correct" on here, I do not want anyone posting any mean or purposefully hateful comments. I know all of you ladies are very respectful and don't really need to be told this. :)

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. you stated that there are so many different body types and "that 'underweight' might not necessarily mean 'unhealthy'." and i totally agree. in the article you linked it states that "The new law requires models to produce a medical report, dating back no more than three months, at every shoot that will be used on the Israeli market, stating that they are not malnourished by World Health Organization standards." i like that they are not basing it off of what they look like but an actual medical report.

  2. This was a great story to blog about! At times, I know I look at celebs & models as fashion icons, but there comes a point when you are naturally beautiful... to FORCING yourself to be that way. Society tries to invison this UNREALISTIC fashion model in our eyes at times & it's disgusting! I commend the fact the Israeli govt is trying to enforce a healthier image of what a model should be! There are so many different body types out there and we all should learn to love our bodies! I know I'm a plus-sized girl but I am proud of my body. We can't let society tear us down & drill on our heads that showing rib cages & being on the brink of a skelator is beautiful! GROSS!!! Be you!! Great post Loren!!

  3. Important and great post Loren, thanks, pamela @soapsstyle