Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mixing Styles

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Mixing Styles"
by Kirby of Ohio Style


I'm always impressed by the effortless style of this next blogger. Kirby's blog "Ohio Style" features her versatile style in a series of outfits of the day (OotDs). She's got an amazing sense of street style, which often calls for a mix of different styles, something that I know can be difficult for even the trendiest out there. Here are some tips on how you can mix up your favorite styles!


mixing styles

As a student on a budget, I can't always buy new clothes. I get around repeating the same outfit over and over and over again by remixing my looks and mixing styles. Whether it's mixing vintage and edgy, feminine and tomboyish, sporty and glam, I always find myself working pieces with completely different vibes into the same outfit.

While I normally don't expend a great amount of thought on my outfits, I do follow a few general guidelines when mixing and matching:

1. Make sure there's some common thread (get it?) uniting the outfit. Whether it's a pattern motif, color motif, proportion, color, accessory, whatever, there needs to be something tying your look together, something that says 'complete'.

2. Invest in some good basics. I know, I know, you can get this tip from practically anyone, but honestly, it really is important if your wardrobe is limited. It's important to have a staple pair of pants that will work no matter what you've got going on up top or with your accessories. It's crucial to have that structured sweater or basic cardigan to throw on over a patterned blouse. Basics will take you far and make it easier to work different styles and trendy pieces into your wardrobe without making it look like too much!

3. Don't hold back - get creative! A stellar, noteworthy wardrobe is not a shy wardrobe. You won't know what styles work together and what styles don't unless you try it. Besides, even if you do realize you look a bit funny as you're rushing out the door, who's going to care? A year from now, no one will remember that you wore a leopard print top and paisley vest together. Fashion is all about fun!

To close, I've put together a couple of polyvore sets illustrating some of my favorite style combos!


I'm extremely passionate about vintage-styled clothing so I sometimes find my wardrobe getting a little cliche. Mixing styles is always a great way to stir up that cliche part of your wardrobe without departing too far from what you love!

Come see some more of Kirby's mixed style on her blog! Which styles do YOU like to mix? What tips do you have for your own mixes? Only two more days until our first jewelry giveaway, so fill up that comment box!

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. great post kirby! thanks for sharing these tips!


  2. getting quality basics is well worth repeating!. And i love your color combos. thanks for the post! pdub @soapsstyle

  3. This is such a great post. I love the idea of mixing styles. Edgy and girly is my favorite. :)

  4. The colors are very eye catching but in a good way!! I love the tips!!

  5. For some reason, I really like the top that either has a colar or a bow tie on it. I really like the first outfit's peach/pink top!

  6. LOVE the stripy trousers. Gorgeous.