Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fashion on a Budget

This is a March of the Bloggers guest post!

"Fashion on a Budget"
by Alyssa of


It's my pleasure to introduce our third guest blogger of the month: Alyssa!

She's a gorgeous gal living in L.A. (my homeland!) and her style definitely oozes southern California fabulousness. On top of her style posts, Alyssa also likes to blog about health and beauty products. 

A little bit more about Alyssa:

"My name is Alyssa. I am twenty years old. Small town born, being big city raised. I reside in Los Angeles where I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a child psychiatrist and model. Check out more of my musings at: "

Ready for her post? I sure am!


Hey all! So the blog I manage is about individuality, confidence, and being a frugal fashionista. I love looking at outfits and finding them for less. I respect and idolize fashion designers, small or well-known. With student loans and LA living it is kind of hard to make room in my budget to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit. Until I am a millionaire, I have to continue to drool over beautiful clothes through glass windows. Do not lose hope, though. With some serious thrifting, an outfit that you see on a celebrity, model, or mannequin can be yours without spending the money they did.

I pulled an outfit I saw on the runway. I took each piece of clothing the model was wearing, and found something out of my own closet that was similar. I then put them all together and created a runway look that still had a twist of my individuality. Take a look at my rendition and I hope to encourage you that you can still look like a model and rock out your outfit on the runway of life.

This is the runway look. I got the picture from

The model is wearing a high collared blouse, with exaggerated sleeves that leave the arms bare. The look is sexy, but in a tasteful way.

Long maxi skirts are my favorite right now. They can basically be worn with anything when styled right.

The look is then topped off with some funky heels that add a twist to the black and white outfit.

My Rendition

I love love love prints. So of course I had to bring my own individuality into this look. The blouse I chose is print with laced sleeves to again, exaggerate my bare arms without being too revealing. It is also high collared. I of course have my maxi skirt, which every girl should have in her closet! No matter the color. Lucky for me I had black to complete this look. I added a belt to emphasize my waistline. Finally, I chose some funky heels that still complemented my outfit.

Blouse: $8.50 - Target
Belt: $2.75 - Macy’s
Skirt: $11.95 - Macy's
Shoes: $35.00 - Shoedazzle

A four-itemed outfit that I put together for under 60 dollars.

Happy Reading!


Is anyone else here jealous of Alyssa's shoes? They are beautiful! I love that she was able to make such a great outfit on a budget! There is hope for all us budgeting girls yet!

Don't forget to check out Alyssa's awesome blog and show her love in the comment box! (You know you want that jewelry...)

<3 Loren of Frock Stock


  1. VERY CUTE outfit! I also have those shoes & LOVE them! HEHE!! I just checked out your blog & read 'Midnight Musings' & loved that post. It was personal but something alot of people can relate too! I'm a new follower!!

    1. LOL I am such an emotional person and am not afraid of sharing it. Thank you :)))

  2. Alyssa, so nice to meet you and I love the outfit you put together! What a great price as well. Great post.

  3. EYYYYYYYYYYY Look at my sexy wifey, being all fashionable and all!! Fully support you baby! Very proud, and thanks for saving me some $ :D

    I love you Lys!

  4. I like your personal take on the look. Very cool and lovely.

  5. Cute look. Great job!

  6. I really like your skirt and shoes. The skirt is definitely an amazing deal from Macy. I also have a thing for longer skirts, they seem to make my legs look longer.

    Great matching with the shoes, what type/color of purse would you probably choose to go with this outfit?

    1. Hmmm probably a big hobo bag. I don't really like small purses although it is good to have one. I just carry my life in my purse, which requires me to always have large purses. :)

  7. i love your rendition of this look! and those heels! so fun.


  8. LOVE that skirt! And I can't believe how inexpensive it was. Such a pretty look!

  9. This is so true! Thrifty shopper all the way over here! Until I'm a millionaire as well lol ;)) Cute outfit!
    Xo, Smitty