Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspiration: Fall Colors

These are our favorite colors that have been on the fashion scene this fall. I wanted to put a collage together made of fabrics swatches, fashion, and their fall counterparts to help inspire your weekend's wardrobe choices. Fashion items come from our own Frock Stock inventory and various stores on Polyvore's listings.


Looks great on anyone with earth tone colors, whether you have brown eyes, "bronde" hair, or are brunette. Pair with chestnut, taupe, or cream.


Last year eggplant was everywhere, so try something new with it this year. Get a cute eggplant-colored bag or accessory to pair with another bright.


Get rid of your blacks this fall! Brown tones are the perfect "base" for all your outfits right now. Consider buying a brown coat or brown corduroys for your fall staple.


Mustard can be tricky so be careful with this color! The wrong shade can look sickly, so when going for mustard go bright. Mustard tights look adorable under any casual dress.


Even though Halloween is over, orange is still abounding in nature! Despite it being a bright color you can pair it with other bright fall colors such as green, purple, or mustard.


Wine looks especially beautiful with cream or ivory. This is why the color looks quite good on pale women. We can see this color definitely lasting on through spring, so don't be afraid to invest in some wine-colored clothes!

What are your favorite colors to wear right now? Let us know! Happy fall. :)


  1. i love all those colors, also eggplant for good measure!

  2. I definitely agree, Diana! Perhaps I'll add eggplant up there tonight. :)

    <3 FS

  3. I get it. Perfectly communicated!

  4. Burgundy/wine is definitely my favotire! I think it goes with almost any skin tone, it's a versatile color, and it just screams winter and fall! x