Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale! Jewelry Giveaway! New Arrivals!

That's right, ladies! In honor of Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/etc.etc.etc. we are having a gigantic sale!

We know that on Black Friday you're going to want to hit the malls, that's why we've made this sale extra long for your convenience!


You voted for the products, and now we bring you our oh-so-easy jewelry giveaway!

All you have to do is copy+paste this message in your twitter:

Love modern-vintage clothing? Get 25% off the entire @FrockStock store 11/18-11/28! Bloggers get 30% off!

And that's it! Each day you post this message from 11/17-11/28 you will gain an entry into the drawing. We will literally put your names in a hat and draw at complete random, so the more days you post this (limit one a day, though you can certainly post it as much as you like!), the more likely you are to win!


Make sure you post your twitter name here if you intend to enter, because it's possible others might retweet this without participating in the giveaway. That way we can keep track of all your posts and give you credit!


Silver Bird Necklace, $7

Participate in the twitter postings and you're eligible to win this adorable bird necklace!

Silver Owl Clock Necklace, $11

Place an order during the sale and you're eligible to win the most popular jewelry item on our site! It's no longer available to purchase, so this is your only chance at it!

For each item you purchase during the sale, you'll gain an entry to win the clock necklace. Again, make SURE you post here if you want to enter in this contest. Those who make orders are certainly eligible to win the tweeting contest as well.


Last night we added tons of new arrivals to the site, some of which only have one in stock, so make sure you get them before they're gone!

Alright, ladies! Good luck and happy shopping!


  1. Such a fun giveaway! I Tweeted! (@SarahAnn0509)

    Oh, and your sale is ahhhmazing!
    I've got my eyes on this:

    :) Sarah

  2. Ahh this is the BEST sale!
    And that owl necklace is too cute!!
    I will definitely be tweeting!


  3. So much goodness in one post!

    Chirping away @iheartsundays

  4. I am tweeting right now from @Haleyro23 :)

  5. Tweeted from @EtotheNev

  6. Love! Tweeting now from @words4wear :)

  7. Will be tweeting from @liznesh !!!

  8. Thanks so much girlies! I'm definitely keeping track. :)

    Don't forget you can post again each day of the sale for additional entries.

    <3 FS

  9. tweeting from @alisonkt (:

  10. Will be tweeting ASAP! @Fishasaurus

  11. About to tweet! @zigzagleigh

  12. Sounds like fun! @veroNcraker

  13. I've tweeted :) @megthemountain
    Thanks for the contest!

  14. Such lovely stuff! I could seriously use some of that beautiful jewelry. My Twitter name is @blogdressmaking =)

  15. Just letting you know that I made an order tonight to enter the drawing along with my tweeting! @liznesh (real name Elisabeth Nigro) :)

  16. Such a fun idea for a giveaway and cute jewelry, too. I'll definitely tweet for ya. I'm @Rawdorable

  17. Can't wait to shop here and blog about it! Just waiting to get monies! Love this site. @theStylishMom