Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Thrifting

Instead of braving the crazy malls last week, I decided to hit the half off sale at my local thrift store based off the success I had two weeks ago. Might I say that I definitely did NOT avoid any craziness! I got there when it opened and it was crazy packed. It was hard just to move in there... sheesh! I guess everyone had the same idea I did. And here I thought people were more mall-obsessed?

There were a lot of things I had already seen two weeks ago so I didn't score as much as last time, but still ended up with some gems nonetheless.

I got a really nice wool pleated skirt. Warm for winter and perfect for the prep chic look I keep obsessing over. It'll be a staple in my closet for sure.

Price: $1.45

The game of Scattegories! I currently have no board games in Chicago and this is one of my favorite. It's also in perfect condition. I had to scoop it up!

Price: $0.45

Love this little googly-eyed owl brooch with an amber-colored stone in the middle! It'll be the perfect little touch on my coats.

Price: $1.45

A black Forever 21 blazer with striped lining. So cute! A perfect staple.

Price: $2.45

And finally, this little number. I have no idea what crazy-random person came up with this black sheep sweater, but I find it absolutely hilarious. I love big ugly sweaters from thrift stores and this one is just adorable.

Price: $1.95

Total spent for Black Friday: $8.51
(My wallet feels happy.)

Wait, one more thing...

My boyfriend's work was going to THROW OUT this coat yesterday after being in the Lost and Found for weeks! It's from Forever 21 and just happened to be in my size... so glad he was kind enough to grab it for me! I love getting free stuff. :)

Have I convinced you yet that thrifting is amazing? I can't believe what nice things I've been finding lately... It's also a great place to find Christmas gifts! They don't have to know it was thrifted. ;)

<3 L


  1. Love your finds, girl! Thrifting is the best!! :)

  2. What wonderful finds! I especially love the owl brooch... sooooo cute! =D

  3. LOVE the black sheep sweater -- haha, so quirky and sweet!
    Sarah from
    Tulle and Trinkets