Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Outfit with Frock Stock Jewelry

Hello ladies!

I wanted to follow up my last post by showing you some of those fall colors put together in a great fall outfit. I paired moss, rust, eggplant, and chestnut together to make a beautiful autumn ensemble along with some of our jewelry items that are perfect staples for your closet.

My absolute go to outfit in any season is a cute printed dress. I feel vintage and feminine when I've got a great frock on. The moss leaf print is what fall's all about. This one's got an elastic waistband, which I feel can make a girl look awfully frumpy, so I usually hide those with a strategically placed belt (in chestnut here). Chestnut tights, orange-rust pumps, and an eggplant purse all wrap up the ensemble nicely by copying colors found in nature this season.

Now for the jewelry!

I absolutely love shiny gold jewelry right now. As long as the gold isn't tacky shiny, there is a real beauty about it and it just seems to go well with any vintage outfit. These are two of our favorite pieces on the site, our Purple Jewel Earrings and our Gold Bird Necklace. The colors really complete the outfit and are certainly in the fall spirit!

I chose purple, but the jewel earrings also come in green and orange, which I feel would've also gone beautifully with the outfit.

View these earrings and similar items here: Frock Stock Jewel Earrings

Recently our blogger friend Candice showed off the green pair on her blog and looks absolutely gorgeous in them! Check her blog out here: Tea Time Thoughts

Alright ladies! I hope you are outfit-inspired for this beautiful fall weekend. I always love hearing what you think of our items, so please leave a comment about the outfit or the jewelry below!

<3 L

PS... have you viewed the new jewelry collection yet? Check it out if you haven't! New Frock Stock Jewelry


  1. Just so you know we are giving a silver version of that necklace away this week! :)