Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fever

Hello ladies!

First I'd like to start off by saying thank you to all the orders we've had so far this weekend! The sale is going splendidly and I'm glad you all are getting a good deal this weekend. For anyone else who has their eye on something, don't forget tomorrow is your last day for the 20% off everything on the site (except of course, if you're a blogger... we always have our 25% off love for you...)

Haven't looked at the Blogger's Discount yet?

This weekend was absolutely lovely. Great fall weather (though it's supposed to finally hit the 30's tomorrow in Chicago... brrrrrr), fun Halloween-related adventures, and a big jewelry buy for the site were some of the many highlights for me.

I got the joy of being a judge in a children's costume contest on Saturday. Of course, being a self-affirmed crazy cat lady, I had to dress up as my cat...

My cat, Sophie, whom I've always called a "Halloween cat..."

Any resemblance? I got the ears/tail/bowtie set from Target for $5 and supplied the rest with my wardrobe. Hurray for cheap costumes! I still think if anyone's going out tomorrow and needs a costume idea, you should put on your favorite vintage frock and be a "50's Housewife." Just sayin'...

Magnetic Nail Polish??

Was just posting about this on twitter, and wanted to see if anyone had tried it out yet. I love OPI's shatter because I'm terrible at DIY nail polish art, so I still feel like I'm getting some kind of unique look without having any personal skill. I'd love to see if this is as good as it sounds!

Oh, and let's not forget about the jewelry photo shoot I mentioned... Here's a little sneak peek at some items we'll be adding mid-week...

Like what you see? ;) Let us know what you think!

Don't forget tomorrow is Chipotle's annual free burrito day! You have to show up wearing some sort of aluminum foil. Can't wait for my Chipotle adventure! Hope you ladies all have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween! :)


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  2. Oops =)

    First off, your cat is adorable! Looks just my little baby, Nelly.
    Secondly, I am now obsessed with 1. Cameo necklace (Beautiful!) 2. Owl Ring (Swoon!) 3. Owl necklace (LOVE the body of the owl)

    Ahhhh, I can see where I will be spending my money next week =)

  3. Thank you Karla! There are many more items, these are just a few I had readily available to post on the blog... The owl necklace is a locket too! I'm really excited to get it all up on the site. :)