Thursday, June 21, 2012

Polyvore Contest Winner


A HUGE congratulations to Ashlyn of Triple Thread... she's our Polyvore contest winner! All the submissions were so amazing and the voting was super close, but she stood out the most with her adorable vintage styling of our Smoke and Mirrors Purse. And now she gets to own that purse for herself! We know that she will always style it adorably.

Frock Stock Polyvore Challenge

Frock Stock Polyvore Challenge by triplethread featuring black flats

Like I said, it was super close. Here are the top votes:

1st Place: Ashlyn of Triple Thread with 8 votes
2nd Place: Alexis of Et Beaute with 7 votes
3rd Place: Madison of Madison Cary and Jenn of Passenger Seat Perspectives, each with 6 votes

I want to try to do something like this every month... is this something you ladies would be interested in? Please let me know! I always want to keep our bloggers engaged and help you guys get traffic to your blog. Please share any ideas of what you'd like to see next! More style contests? Straight-up giveaways? Blog features? Hoping you all had fun and want to participate again! Thanks to all who participated!!

<3 L


  1. Aw congrats Ashlyn! Great job! Um YES I would LOVE to do something like this every month, if you'd have me again : ) Super fun!

  2. CONGRATS!!! I LOVED this one!!!